Xcode 4.4 and Localizable.strings — No way to add language

Just ran into another issue while working on Xcode 4.4 building my educational app. Keep in mind this is the first time I am localizing an app, so it may just be my stupidity that you see here before you.

Anyways, I added the Localizable.strings file as you’re supposed to do to begin the process of adding languages & translations for the strings you use in your app.

After adding it, I tested out the English language keys, and it all worked fine. I then went to the file inspector to add a Spanish language version, but found no + button on the Localization area like I had seen before in previous Xcode versions (and what you will see in every tutorial out there).


So, my astute friends, you may be wondering how I managed to get that Spanish entry in there, eh? Well, the place to look is in your Project settings. So click on your Project header in the Project Navigator, and navigate to the Info tab that shows up. You will then see the + button that you need to use to add new languages.


After adding this new language, your Localizable.strings file turns into a header with sub-items in your project folder.


At that point you are able to edit the file and add your translated strings.


This isn’t a full tutorial, but I will mention that when testing, you first need to go to your Settings.app (it will work in the simulator as well), and change the General->International->Language, and set it for the language you want to test. In this case, I chose Spanish. One thing I had to do before seeing my results was to remove the app from the simulator. It remained cached otherwise.

Here are the results:


Hope that helps someone out. Also, if I went and did this completely wrong, someone let me know :)


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  • Max

    Awesome thanks. Was wondering why I couldn’t see the normal + to add a new localisation.

  • Mak1311

    hey thanks a lot…..