New beginnings

So for the last two years I’ve been pretty quiet (by my standards). I’ve been pretty much in head-down-and-get-work-done mode. In the summer of 2010, in the midst of doing some contract work, I was approached to build a prototype for a next-gen magazine. After working a good number of months on getting a working showcase, it was shopped around, and we were funded. At that point, I was asked to be a co-founder in the company, and build a “Real” version of what we had shown as a demo.

So last July I became a co-founder of Punch Media, Inc. and began to build a content management system and an iPad app that would get its instructions from the CMS. The goal was to have editors enter text and images, and assign a series of conditions and actions to elements, allowing for a great amount of interaction between page elements and with the user. This trigger system opened up a new world of animations, visual effects and new ways to present content and amuse your readers.

To see the app in action, download the Punch! Culture Shelf from the app store. It’s just barely scratching the surface of what can be done with this system.

After a year of crazy hours, some fun work, and working with some great people, I’ve decided to explore some ideas that have been nagging at me for a while. This past Friday, July 13th (ACK!) was my last day at Punch. As of today, I am an independent developer once more.

As part of my ‘reawakening’, I am going to revamp the website a bit (well, already did, as you will note if you are a regular visitor), try to get some more tutorials up, blog a bit more, and start showing some of the things I will be building soon.

I also hope to potentially re-visit DaVinci’s Secret Machines and Castle Combat at some point. The success of Amazing Alex has been making me itch this week. However, my main point of interest right now is a couple of apps that I’ve begun to prototype, for the educational market. I see huge untapped potential in the iPad and tablet devices (whichever other ones may exist) for accelerating learning and to provide an enhanced teaching tool for those who are developmentally challenged.

To help fund all this, I will be doing contract work once again. If you have need of my services, just get in touch via the contact form or email dan at this website’s address. If not, words of encouragement are always welcome.

You can always find me at @AbovegroundDan on Twitter.