Educational app WIP

Since my leaving Punch!, I’ve been cranking on getting together a fun little educational app geared towards toddlers and preschool kids.

Even though I do not have any kids of my own (just dated a bunch of teachers!), I am very interested in the current state of the educational system, and in ways that we, as technologists, can help move the bar a bit, and do our best to improve things.

As my first foray into this area, I’ve been building an (iOS) app that will contain a set of activities that will reinforce certain skills, such as shape and color recognition, learning what certain animals are, visual representation of numbers, and numbering order.

While that all sounds pretty clinical, its actually presented in a very fun way. Screenshots of the work in progress show some of the fun ways kids can interact with the app. I’m still building more activities in, and thinking up cool ways of rewarding kids for finishing up a set of activities. Also got some tricks up my sleeve which will help parents gauge how well their child is doing, and what areas they need some help in.

If you have any feedback, just use the comments here, or email me. As always, I’m on Twitter at @AbovegroundDan.