Bing on new iPhone 4G?

Reports are making their way around the interwebs saying that Microsoft’s Bing will be the new search engine on the upcoming iPhone 4G. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if that’s the case at WWDC on June 7th, but just the fact that the rumor mill is spinning at full throttle is interesting enough onto itself.

Has Apple’s relationship with Google soured so much that Apple is giving Google search the boot? Was the booting of the Google Voice app foreshadowing how strained the partnership is?

With Eric Shmidt resigning from Apple’s Board of Directors I think its all fair speculation. With Android nipping at Apple’s heels, the race is on to gain an edge in the mobile market. At the Google I/O developer conference, we saw plenty of jabs thrown at Apple. Apple seemingly is striking back, not so much with words yet, but at Google’s reach, and ultimately, their wallet. We’ll see if Steve Jobs has much to say about Google at WWDC, but it all makes for interesting headlines, at least.

Even if the rumor is not true, the fact that it is spreading like wildfire is enough to cause Google concern. If one big corporate giant is brazen enough to consider booting Google, will others follow. Just the speculation puts Google in a strange light.

Ultimately, the user will make the final decision on which technology is best for them. Having the choice to do so is something we should all be thankful for.